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Academic Schools and Units

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Anderson Experiential Learning Fund 

Funds go toward allowing students to participate in real-world business projects which benefit their learning AND provides work for businesses within our community. These projects will solve problems and make suggestions for companies to improve and grow.

Anderson General Scholarship Fund 

Funds used go directly to student scholarships for business students

Annual Fund for Law

Gifts to the Annual Fund for Law supports faculty’s resources for teaching and scholarship, and helps to maintain the small, talented and collegial environment.

Architecture and Planning Dean's Fund

The Dean’s Fund is designed to provide a wide range of educational opportunities for our students and faculty. It allows the Dean to respond to emerging opportunities and new initiatives directed toward long-term success.

College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Fund

This discretionary fund is used to support the Dean’s initiatives and to meet immediate or unexpected needs of the College of Arts & Sciences.

College of Education Dean's Fund

The College of Education Dean's Fund helps the College meet the most pressing needs and seize unexpected opportunities each year. Gifts to this fund help our students to conduct research and gain valuable skills presenting their work. Support here amplifies the impact of our work in the community, done side by side with school leaders, teachers and parents to improve student outcomes.


College of Fine Arts Dean's Fund

The lives of students, faculty, and staff are enriched by the financial support of donors who care passionately about the arts. Your support to the College of Fine Arts Dean's Fund prepares students for a successful future in the arts by enhancing their studies through student travel and hands on opportunities in their field. 

College of Pharmacy Scholarship Fund

Student scholarships are among the highest priority for the UNM College of Pharmacy. While the tuition and fees for a PharmD student at UNM is very competitive regionally and nationally, the average debt for a graduating PharmD student is over $100,000.. By lowering the amount of money borrowed, every dollar invested in scholarships today reduces by three dollars, the amount of money that a student needs to pay back over the life of their student loan.  Please consider helping a student accomplish their dreams and serve the health care needs of patients in their future.

College of Pharmacy Dean's Vision

The College of Pharmacy Dean’s Fund allow the Dean to take advantage of opportunities and address challenges that may arise at the College. These include special programs, one-of-a-kind events, and many other services and programs that define a University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy education.

Endowed Nursing Scholarship Fund Spending Account

The Nursing Scholarship fund provides critical support for undergraduate and graduate nursing students enrolled in the College of Nursing and successfully completing their course of studies. The Spending Account is an extension of the endowed scholarship and gives donors the opportunity to ensure the tradition of excellence in nursing education and growing the next generation of nurses for our healthcare communities

Engineering Fund for Academic Excellence 

The University of New Mexico School of Engineering has officially launched its “Our Time” fundraising campaign! Your gift on Giving Tuesday gets us one step closer to our goal of $50 million by 2025. Gifts to the School of Engineering Fund for Academic Excellence is a great way to ensure that your support goes where it is needed most within the School. 

Grand Challenges Research Fund

In the Spring of 2019, after an extensive, university-wide competition, designed to promote inter-disciplinary collaboration, UNM President Garnett S. Stokes launched three “Grand Challenges” that address problems of global, national, and regional significance. These challenges, large in scale, ambitious in scope, and multi-disciplinary, require researchers to work together across disciplinary boundaries to develop and implement solutions, addressing problems that, when solved, have a significant positive impact on people and society. 

The Nursing Scholarship fund provides critical support for undergraduate and graduate nursing students enrolled in the College of Nursing and successfully completing a degree program. This general fund is an extension of the endowed scholarship program giving all donors the opportunity to ensure the tradition of excellence in nursing education while growing the next generation of nurses for our healthcare communities.

SA+P Student Success and Leadership Fund

Supporting funds for the activates of the chartered student organizations within School of Architecture and Planning.  

School of Medicine Dean's Fund 

This fund provides support where it is needed most at the discretion of the Dean of the School of Medicine.

School of Public Administration

The School of Public Administration Discretionary Fund will be used to cover the development activities and other events for the School of Public Administration.

Science and Mathematics Learning Center at the College of Arts and Sciences

This discretionary fund supports the maintenance and improvements of the Science and Math Learning Center in the College of Arts & Sciences, and its classrooms, teaching and learning labs, offices and student study spaces.

University Libraries Dean's Fund

The University Libraries Dean’s Fund for Excellence provides for unique opportunities under the discretion of the University Library Dean to accomplish services materials and projects which meet the strategic goals of the library.

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